"Unmatched Elegance Meets Cutting Edge Performance in Networking"

"Unmatched Elegance Meets Cutting Edge Performance in Networking"


Unleash Your Professional Superpower

Experience the Unparalleled Revolution with GoCard – It’s Not Just Different, It’s Game-Changing!

Embark on a journey to the zenith of your professional digital and social world with GoCard, the epitome of innovation. Say farewell to the archaic norms of downloading apps and maintaining contacts. GoCard seamlessly integrates into your contact’s world in mere seconds, landing with elegance right on their home screen!

Our mission? To reinvent the art of connection – making it not only enjoyable but also secure. GoCard is designed to magnify your professional charisma, ensuring that you make a striking impression – the first time… every single time. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, GoCard keeps you in the loop the instant a potential lead emerges, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

No matter your industry, whether you’re cultivating customer relationships or expanding your client base, GoCard is your secret weapon. Each GoCard is a masterpiece, tailored to elevate you and your business to extraordinary heights, outshining your competition with ease. With over 50 dynamic features, your GoCard stands shoulder-to-shoulder with multimillion-dollar apps, yet it’s astonishingly affordable.

For less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee and with a rapid turnaround time of just three days, GoCard is more than a tool – it’s a time-reclaiming ally. Backed by over two decades of design and programming prowess, our team is ready to tailor your GoCard to perfection, ensuring it’s as unique as your business.

The future is now. It’s time to step forward, invest in your success, and unlock the boundless possibilities with your very own GoCard. Today is the day to harness the power of GoCard and transform the way the world sees you!

Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology

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$499 SETUP & $99/MONTH

Every GoCard is Crafted as a Valuable Asset, Not a Cost – It’s an Investment that Delivers Returns! Imagine your GoCard as a catalyst to reclaim the most precious commodity we all have – YOUR TIME. In the relentless hustle of networking and standing out against competitors, GoCard emerges as a Game-Changer. It competes with the prowess of Multi-Million Dollar Apps, yet is astoundingly cost-effective, offering unparalleled value for just pennies on the dollar!

• Custom Layout Design
• Company Logo
• Profile Photo (touched up and perfected)
• Share Interface w/ all of your smart phone apps
• Custom Home Screen Icon
• Add your icon to Home Screen in seconds
• Anti-Ghosting
• Call Mobile
• Text Mobile
• Call Office
• Email
• Website
• All Social Media Icons
• Unlimited Icons with our “Infinity Engine”
• Virtual Contact Card (VCF)
• Text / Share Card Link
• About Profile
• Professionally Written Bio
• Contact Lead Generation Form
• Automated Email Response with VCF
• Google Map with Driving Directions
• Write a Review Social Portal
• Google Reviews: 4 & 5 Star Filter
• Facebook Reviews: 4 & 5 Star Filter
• Zillow Reviews: 4 & 5 Star Filter
• Yelp &  Trip Advisor Reviews: 4 & 5 Star Filter
• Avvo Reviews: 4 & 5 Star Filter
• NFC Air Card
• Instant Email Notifications
• Instant Text Message Notifications
• Google Analytics
• Updates completed in 1 Business Day
• Social Media Ad
• Printable GoCode

Digital Spokesperson (up to 3 Minutes)
Digital Version of You Spokesperson Video (up to 5 Minutes)
Professional Voiceover
Background Video
* Background Music
* Advanced Customized Contact Lead Generation Form
* Advanced Customized Automated Email Response with VCF
* CRM Integration
* Photo Gallery
* CoverFlow Portfolio
* Video Gallery
* Call to Action Popup Window
* Online Store Integration
* Before & After Portfolio
* Logo Re-Design (Rebranding)
* Logo Animation
* Print Design – Business Cards, Rack Cards, etc…
Video Hosting
Audio Greeting
* NFC Magnetic Name Tag w/ QR Code
* My Circle Referral System
* Automated eGIFT Card System
* Scrollodex Contact Dashboard
* GoCard Agency (Cross Promote your Team)
* Company Directory
* Conditional Logic Programming
* Automated & Timed Follow-Up Drip Email Responses
* Dynamic eMail Signature
* Instant Phone Contact Import
* Task Automation Streamline

* Indicates a required purchase outside the initial setup fee, extra programming or additional costs to complete your custom build.


Revolutionizing the Digital Business Card Realm with a Touch of Luxury and Elegance

GoCard Inc. Instantly Disrupts the Digital Business Card Industry by Focusing on Luxury over Quantity

GoCard has unveiled a transformative approach in professional networking with its groundbreaking digital business card platform. Positioned as “Your Ultimate Digital & Social Hub for Professional Life,” GoCard is tailored for those who place immense value on their professional persona. At the heart of GoCard’s philosophy is the belief in the power of a first impression – a moment that can define or derail a budding professional relationship. This platform is meticulously crafted to enable professionals, leaders, and innovators to present their most impressive selves at every introduction, securing an immediate edge over the competition.
GoCard isn’t just a tool – it’s a business catalyst. Regardless of your industry, GoCard is designed to amplify your business outreach. In an era where virtual connections are increasingly the norm, GoCard offers a sophisticated solution to the challenges posed by impersonal communication and the overwhelming tide of robocalls. GoCard’s innovative “e-troduction” strategy, which involves texting your digital card, elegantly circumvents conventional cold calling techniques, boasting a staggering 90% open/response rate.
Clients universally appreciate the ease with which their GoCard links facilitate the sharing of their contact details. Exclusively engineered for industry leaders, GoCard understands that every client deserves a unique, standout solution. With six different sharing options ensuring universal device compatibility, the most notable is through NFC technology. A simple tap on a smartphone instantly transfers your GoCard, which then seamlessly installs as a full-screen, app-like icon on your client’s home screen via Progressive Web App (PWA) technology – no app store visit required, no device storage used. This feature allows for quick deployment of your GoCard in any networking situation.

GoCard combines aesthetics with functionality, integrating the “Infinity Engine” to display limitless social icons without overcrowding the precious screen space of smartphones. This design choice ensures that the focus remains on you and your business. Additionally, GoCard’s unique Scrolladex feature notifies you via text message the moment someone connects with your GoCard, organizing their contact details into a secure, searchable format. This innovative approach not only speeds up your response time but also effortlessly converts potential leads into clients. GoCard doesn’t aim to replace traditional paper business cards but to enhance them. Its dynamic GoCode, a customizable QR Code, can be printed on all your marketing materials, allowing prospective clients to access your GoCard instantly. This synergy of traditional and digital means positions GoCard at the forefront of the digital business card industry, ensuring a memorable first impression.
Client accolades highlight GoCard’s efficiency, user-friendliness, and affordability. Jason McClaflin, President of JEM Network Consulting, praises GoCard as a pioneering and versatile platform in the digital business card arena. He notes its significant role in branding, data management, and relationship building, emphasizing the platform’s ability to quickly assign personnel to new accounts. Discover how GoCard can reinvent your professional networking strategy. For more information and to integrate this innovative digital business card platform into your business model, visit our website or reach out at pr@gocard.com.


What is GoCard?

GoCard is your Digital Business Card, completely re-imagined from the ground up by industry leading, award winning marketing professionals!  It embodies the essence of a Digital & Social Hub for your professional world. Say goodbye to the hassle of having contacts download an app to access your information. With GoCard, your digital card integrates instantly onto your contact’s home screen – a seamless experience!

We’re on a mission to rejuvenate the joy and security in networking. GoCard is engineered to showcase the best version of you, every single time you connect. Equipped with advanced technology, it alerts you the moment a potential client engages, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

No matter your industry, GoCard is a catalyst for growth. Tailored to elevate your professional image, each GoCard is a unique creation, offering features that far surpass what your competitors have. With over 50 custom options, your GoCard competes with top-tier apps at a fraction of the cost.

For less than your daily coffee and with a swift three-day turnaround, GoCard is an investment in your most valuable asset – TIME. Our team, boasting over two decades of expertise in design and programming, can customize your GoCard to your exact needs.

Don’t wait any longer. Invest in yourself and unlock the full potential of your GoCard today!

Is GoCard an App?

Absolutely, with a twist! GoCard operates similarly to a traditional app but isn’t one in the conventional sense. Leveraging Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, GoCard delivers all the features of a standard app minus the inconveniences of downloading and updating from the App Store. When prompted, you can easily add your GoCard as a home screen icon on your smartphone. Once you tap the icon, your GoCard will appear and operate just like any other app, but without the need to navigate through the app store.

Do you have any design or programming limitations?

If you envision it, we can create it! Our setup fee typically encompasses a wide range of requests. However, certain special requests may necessitate additional design and programming efforts to integrate seamlessly with your GoCard. Rest assured, we maintain complete transparency regarding any extra costs for these unique features. With over two decades of experience in design and programming, there’s virtually nothing beyond our capability when it comes to customizing your GoCard!

Who needs a GoCard?

Every business professional deserves a GoCard, an indispensable tool across all industries. The key to thriving in any field lies in the ability to connect swiftly and effectively with others. GoCard elevates your professional presence, transforming networking into an art form. It’s not just about making connections; it’s about making them count. With GoCard, you’re not just reaching out; you’re standing out. Let GoCard be your ambassador in the business world, working tirelessly to ensure your professional interactions are not only memorable but also impactful. Embrace the power of GoCard and watch as it revolutionizes the way you engage, network, and succeed!

Why can't I just join your GoCard Program?

Creating a GoCard independently could easily cost you tens of thousands in design fees alone. Our pricing is strategically set to yield a return on our investment in you within months. Additionally, we ask our clients to commit to a one-year contract, emphasizing our dedication to a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. This approach ensures that GoCard is not just a service but a valuable investment in your professional image. Apply now, and let’s embark on building something remarkable together!

Your price is too high!

Consider your true value and how much you prize your own worth. GoCard represents the digital embodiment of your professional self. We understand you have choices, and we prioritize quality over quantity. GoCard is crafted for those at the pinnacle of their fields, ensuring that every first impression you make is your best. Our team, with over two decades of experience in design, programming, marketing, and technology, has been at the forefront of app design from the start. The investment to develop an app akin to GoCard would run into tens of thousands of dollars, and that’s before any maintenance costs. Yet, the daily expense of your GoCard is less than your regular Starbucks coffee – think about that!

How do I share my GoCard with clients?

Here’s how to maximize your GoCard’s potential:
1. Leverage App Integration:** GoCard is designed to work seamlessly with all apps on your phone that support sharing.
2. Quick Sharing on Facebook Messenger:** With just two taps, you can share your GoCard with over 50 friends on Facebook Messenger.
3. Utilize Social Media Platforms:** Effortlessly post your GoCard on various social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
4. Diverse Sharing Options:** You can also share your GoCard via email, text, AirDrop, or even using Air Card NFC and QR Code scanning functionalities.
5. Copy and Paste Your Link:** For added flexibility, simply copy your GoCard link and paste it wherever you see fit to share it broadly.
By following these steps, you can effectively distribute your GoCard and expand your professional network with ease.

Can anyone share my GoCard with others?

Absolutely!  GoCard is revolutionized to turn referrals into a swift and exhilarating experience – just two taps and you’re set to go! Imagine the ease with which your GoCard interacts with every app on your phone that permits sharing. Picture this: effortlessly sharing your GoCard with over 50 friends on Facebook Messenger in a flash, using just two taps!
But it doesn’t stop there. Spread your professional wings by posting your GoCard on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. And for more personal outreach, opt for Email, Text, Airdrop, or even the cutting-edge Air Card NFC and QR Code scanning methods. Or, keep it simple: copy your GoCard link and paste it anywhere you want.
The possibilities for referrals are endless with GoCard! It’s not just a tool; it’s your gateway to unlimited networking opportunities, packaged in a sleek, user-friendly format. GoCard is not just about making connections; it’s about making them count, and making them fast! Welcome to the future of networking, where every referral is a tap away!

Can I customize my GoCard?

Certainly! Customizing your GoCard with additional icons and links beyond the standard options is a breeze. When providing your details for your GoCard, just upload the icon image or logo along with the URL you wish to link to. We’ll take care of seamlessly integrating these into your GoCard for you.

Can I update my GoCard if my information changes?

Absolutely! We recognize the dynamic nature of the business landscape. Whether it’s a change in your job role, a move to a different company, or updates to your contact details or website address, we’re here to support you. Just send us an email detailing the changes you need, and we’ll ensure your GoCard is updated within one business day. Rest assured, with GoCard, keeping your professional information current is hassle-free.

How will I know when my GoCard is being viewed?

Should you choose, you have the option to receive an email notification each time someone views your GoCard. For privacy and security, the viewer’s identity remains confidential. However, you’ll gain valuable insights with each view, including the date, time, type of mobile device used, the number of incremental contacts, total views, and a map indicating an approximate location of the viewer’s city and state. Given that you control who sees your GoCard, these notifications can help you gauge whether the intended recipients are engaging with it.

What is Scrollodex?

Scrolladex transforms into your ultimate, searchable treasure trove of contacts – a dynamic listing of everyone who has connected with you via your GoCard. Securely accessible at any moment, it ensures you’re always on top of your game, capturing every lead without fail. This is more than just a list; it’s your key to never missing an opportunity again!

Why is there a one time set up fee for my GoCard?

Every GoCard is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted and coded by our team of seasoned professionals. We pour our passion and precision into designing and rigorously testing each GoCard, ensuring it’s nothing short of perfection before it goes live. Your GoCard isn’t just a tool; it’s a reflection of you and your business. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your professional image is not just represented, but radiates excellence in every aspect. Get ready to have a GoCard that’s as stellar as your professional presence!

What is the AirCard?

Introducing AirCard, the revolutionary and ultra-convenient method to share your GoCard with clients and prospects. Imagine a sleek, credit card-sized powerhouse, embedded with NFC technology, designed to effortlessly launch your GoCard. Just a simple tap of your AirCard against any NFC-enabled smartphone, and voilà – your GoCard magically appears on the device. It’s the perfect blend of technology and convenience, turning every encounter into a seamless networking opportunity!

Why won't my GoCard run on my desktop computer?

Step into the future with GoCard, far surpassing the ordinary one-page mobile websites masquerading as “digital business cards.” Your GoCard is engineered on the same sophisticated architecture as a full-fledged app. Ever wondered why your favorite iPhone or Android app doesn’t work on a desktop computer? It’s because they’re tailored to synergize with the mobile operating system that brings your smartphone to life. GoCard embraces this advanced integration. When someone accesses your GoCard Link from a desktop PC, they’re greeted with your unique GoCode. With a simple scan from their phone, your GoCard springs to life on their screen. This isn’t just a digital business card; it’s a seamless bridge between mobile innovation and desktop accessibility, catapulting your professional presence into a realm of unmatched technological synergy!

Why should I use GoCard over traditional business cards?

Traditional business cards, while nostalgic, are a relic of the past and not the best choice for our environment. Yet, in the complex tapestry of professional interactions, sometimes they’re still necessary. Transform your business card from a static piece of paper to a dynamic gateway by incorporating your GoCode. Your business is vibrant and competitive, demanding tools that not only introduce you but do so in an engaging, interactive manner. Paper cards are limited – they can’t initiate instant connections or provide a portal to your website, social media, or detailed services. But with a quick scan of your GoCode, clients are instantly transported to your GoCard, brimming with information and interactive features for efficient communication. It’s time to leave behind the antiquated tools of business and propel your brand into a new era with GoCard. Elevate your presence, engage more dynamically, and embrace the future of professional networking!

How quickly can I have my GoCard after submitting my order?

Get ready for rapid transformation! Your GoCard will be meticulously crafted and ready to dazzle within just 2-3 business days of receiving your order. In a hurry? Opt for our express service, and we’ll accelerate the process, delivering your bespoke GoCard within an astonishing 24 hours, provided we have all your essential assets at hand. This is more than just speed; it’s about delivering excellence at the pace of your needs!




GoCard is a select platform, intentionally crafted for a specific audience. Our commitment to excellence means we carefully choose our partnerships, ensuring our platform aligns perfectly with you and your business. Reach out to us today – let’s explore the possibility of building something extraordinary together!