Transform your Green Screen Spokesperson Videos
into an Engaging Virtual Experience!

New GIG Offering for your Clients!
Transform your Green Screen Spokesperson Videos
Into Engaging 3D Experiences!



Unlock Your Complimentary Virtual Experience Video—On Us!
Dive into the future with us at no initial cost; we’re covering all development expenses for your first Virtual Video Experience, including the monthly hosting fee.  As a video creator, you understand and appreciate the “need for speed” and our solid state high performance servers have it!  This isn’t just about showcasing our unmatched expertise; it’s our way of investing in your success, giving you the golden opportunity to resell your first video to one of your premier clients and reap the full profits immediately. Consider this our generous token of appreciation for considering incorporating this revolutionary technology into your services for both existing and future clients. Moreover, you will also be able to use this complimentary video as your captivating “demo,” a vibrant showcase to illustrate this exciting and engaging “add-on/upgrade” to your Green Screen gigs and projects or as a distinctive standalone service. The choice is in your hands, opening a new world of endless possibilities

A Revolutionary Invitation from Sean Murphy / President • CEO
We would love the opportunity to partner with you and to take your current and future green screen spokesperson videos and transform them into a lucrative recurring monthly revenue stream for you! Do I still have your attention?!? Of course, I do! 😉
A Call to Creative Arms in the AI Era
Hello my fellow creators! I’m Sean Murphy, the president and CEO of GoCard and I’m excited to invite you to step into our world where creativity knows no limits and our visionary path is now calling for forward-thinking creators just like you. As the digital artistry landscape stands on the brink of a transformative era, I am personally inviting you to join us in leading this revolution, championing the human connection in an age where artificial intelligence challenges the authenticity of real engagement.
Defending Authenticity Against AI
In today’s digital landscape, you, as a creator, are officially under siege by Artificial Intelligence, capable of conjuring up digital avatars that seem real and life-like to the average person. Yet, this technology, no matter how sophisticated, will NEVER replicate the genuine connection, energy, and warmth you as a “real person” and gifted artist provides. GoCard is your fortress against this onslaught, valuing and preserving the human element that your work epitomizes. Our mission is to safeguard your unique presence, ensuring that AI NEVER diminishes the value of the authenticity and “HUMAN” element you bring to your clients.
GoCard’s 3D Transformation Vision
I am here to introduce an unparalleled opportunity with to evolve your current and future spokesperson green screen projects into a living, breathing, Virtual experience that come to life on your clients’ websites just like you are witnessing now! This transcends mere enhancement; it’s a gateway to a realm where your creativity is not just seen but deeply felt and lived by audiences.
Fusion of Art and Technology at
Welcome to, where the fusion of artistic brilliance and pioneering technology paves the way for an unparalleled mutually beneficial financial partnership. At GoCard we are not merely enhancing your current green screen spokesperson videos; we are propelling them into a new dimension of interactivity and engagement, ensuring your creativity isn’t just viewed but experienced and inhabited by audiences worldwide.
Illuminating the Path to Financial Prosperity
Now, let’s illuminate the pathway to not just artistic fulfillment but also financial prosperity. This is your opportunity to turn your passion into a steady, lasting income. And here comes the thrilling part! This transformative venture promises not only artistic fulfillment but a steady stream of financial rewards. GoCard’s Virtual Experience Package is exclusively priced for Fiverr Creators and opens the door to you for recurring revenue from your existing and current green screen spokesperson videos. Elevate your offerings and captivate your clientele by seamlessly integrating our Video Virtual Experience Package as a premium “add-on/upgrade” to your Green Screen Video Gigs, or feature it as a standout service on your Fiverr Profile Page. With our extremely low exclusive buy rates starting t just $99 for up to 1 Minute of production and a minimal monthly hosting starting at fee of $5, this competitively priced package is designed to fortify your pricing structure, ensuring ample room for a profitable markup while comfortably covering your Fiverr fees through a tailored scaling strategy. For content exceeding 1 minute, simply markup your earnings by adding an additional $100 Per Minute to your creation fee, alongside a $10-20 Markup to the monthly recurring fee you present to your clients for each video hosted. This extremely low pricing model not only enriches your service portfolio but also promises an enticing value proposition to your clients, setting you apart and keeping your existing and future clients coming back for more!
The GoCard Experience: Seamless and Impactful
Why do we charge for these hosting fees? That’s simple! Each virtual video experience is designed to captivate and prompt action the second your client’s website loads. Your video pre-loads in the background and springs to life with a mere tap or click, thanks to GoCard’s unparalleled compression techniques and commitment to maintaining supreme video and audio quality, coupled with lightning-fast loading times—a hallmark of the GoCard experience.
Your Invitation to Join the Human Revolution
If you have stayed with me so far and you as a creator are ignited by our vision and you are eager to weave your talent into a fabric of recurring revenue, then your time has arrived! Connect with us below and let’s light this candle! I look forward to redefining, monetizing, and preserving the essence of human digital storytelling with you. – Where Creativity and Technology Converge.


3D Video Duration Creation Fee Monthly Video Hosting
1 Minute • 15-60 Sec
2 Minutes • 61-120 Sec
3 Minutes • 121-180 Sec
4 Minutes • 181-240 Sec
5 Minutes • 241-300 Sec



My First Virtual Experience Video is Free? Really? What's the Catch?

Absolutely, and rest assured, there’s no catch in sight. We understand the precious value of your time and are eager to reward you from the very beginning. Our passion lies in forging strong, enduring partnerships with our talented creators, and what better way to demonstrate our commitment to this revolutionary technology than by waiving all fees, including monthly hosting for your very first video? This offer stands as long as you offer this cutting-edge tech as an enhancement on your existing Fiverr Gig Pages. It’s our way of showing you just how much we believe in the potential of this collaboration and the new level of engagement your virtual  experience will offer your clients.

Is there a contract or a fixed time I have to commit to?

Nope! Rest assured, freedom and flexibility are at the core of our service. We embrace the dynamic nature of your projects, recognizing that many of your videos may serve promotional purposes with specific timelines set by your clients. Our policy is straightforward: no binding contracts, no long-term commitments. We offer a monthly hosting service, charged as your clients require their videos to be live and captivating online. This model not only simplifies the process for you but also opens up an opportunity for you to enhance your earnings. Any amount you charge above our nominal setup fee and monthly hosting fee is yours to retain. It’s an approach designed to empower you, offering peace of mind and the chance to maximize your profit with each project.

What Exactly is a Virtual Experience Video?

Behold the future as it unfolds right before your eyes!  In this groundbreaking innovation, you stand at the forefront of the user’s digital journey, always present on their designated page, even as they scroll. This isn’t just a feature; it’s a revolution in how we engage with digital spaces.

We expertly transform your past and current green screen spokesperson videos into captivating, interactive presences on any website. By removing the background and integrating your persona directly into the digital landscape, we create a unique and engaging experience for every visitor. As soon as they arrive on a site, you spring to life on their screen, whether on desktop or mobile, compelling them to interact with a simple tap or click. This is the epitome of a “Call to Action” – an invitation from you that is simply irresistible.

But there’s more at stake here than just engagement. As Artificial Intelligence begins to make its mark on your industry, this technology champions the irreplaceable human element, keeping you ahead of the game. With a staggering 98% user engagement rate, your message for your clients is delivered with unprecedented clarity and impact. Users can interact with life seamlessly – pausing you to take a call, send a text, or browse social media – and then return to their virtual experience with you right where they left off.

The introduction of this compelling service not only promises to revolutionize the user experience but also ensures your indispensability in an AI-driven world. Once your clients witness the magnetic appeal and the enhanced human connection this technology offers, their demand for your green screen videos will soar. This isn’t merely a win-win; it’s a pioneering leap forward, securing your place at the heart of digital innovation and human engagement. Welcome to a future where your talent ignites endless engagement and demand, all while preserving the essence of human connection amidst the rise of AI.

Can I add this to my gigs?

Absolutely!  Incorporating our service into your Fiverr Gig is a breeze! All we ask is that we become your exclusive partner in Virtual Video Experience Content, offering you an exceptional service that you can effortlessly “resell” to your clients through your Fiverr Gig Pages. This collaboration not only elevates your offerings but also positions you at the forefront of innovative digital solutions, making your gigs irresistibly attractive to clients seeking cutting-edge video content.

Can I use your service outside of other 3rd party websites?

Absolutely!  We know a lot of “reseller” service sites take a sizeable percentage of your profits.  We would love for you to make 100% off your work, if you so desire! This is totally your call.  Simply connect with us below and we will establish a direct line of communication with you and begin to build an exciting portfolio of Virtual Video Experiences Together!

How do I order & pay for your service?

We will streamline this process by creating and sharing a Google Drive Folder with you so that you can upload your final green screen videos to our team with ease.  There will be a simple form you complete per order, that will give us the details we need to convert your video into a one-of-a-kind Virtual Experience.  After production is complete, we will email you a detailed invoice you can pay instantly online.  Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you 2 simple lines of code that you send to your client for them to embed on their website.  That’s it.

Can I mark up your services?

Absolutely!  This process is not just about enhancing your portfolio; it’s about amplifying your revenue potential. You have the liberty to add a markup to our services when offering them to your clients, effectively opening the doors to potentially doubling your income from every Green Screen Spokesperson project you undertake. Our consistent pricing structure ensures you have a stable, predictable foundation to build upon, offering you endless opportunities to scale your earnings and elevate the value and unique experience your videos will deliver to your clients. Embark on this transformative journey with us and unlock new horizons of profitability and creativity.

Can you create a 3D Sample for me to show my client for consideration?

Certainly! We’re here to foster a thriving and mutually beneficial partnership with each of our talented creators! If you find yourself with a client hesitant about diving into the transformative world of Virtual Video Experiences, our dedicated team stands ready to craft a captivating 30-second “Showcase Demo” complete with a bespoke page link for their exclusive preview. Consider this our way of joining forces with you to convert prospects into success stories! Recognizing the commitment and resources we invest in creating a complimentary demo, we kindly request your thoughtful consideration in determining which clients would truly benefit from a sneak peek of your promotional magic before finalizing their decision. Let’s make this journey together, blending insight with innovation to captivate and convince your clientele!

What is your turn around time?

Upon receiving your files, our dedicated team springs into action, embarking on the creation of your Virtual Experience almost instantly. Typically, your dazzling creation is ready for unveiling within just 3 business days. In a rush? We’ve got you covered! For those moments when time is of the essence, we offer an expedited 24-hour turnaround option for a nominal fee of $99. This swift service ensures your project takes priority, enabling you to meet your client’s needs with speed and efficiency.

What do I send to my client when their video is ready?

The moment your client’s video is ready to redefine their website, we’ll provide you with a two-line code snippet. This code is designed for effortless embedding into your client’s webpage, ensuring their Virtual Video Experience is played without delay. To guarantee an instantaneous loading experience, their video is hosted on our cutting-edge servers, equipped with the latest technology and unrivaled speeds, ensuring these video files play seamlessly, captivating viewers from the very first frame.