"Unmatched Elegance Meets Cutting Edge Performance in Networking"

"Unmatched Elegance Meets Cutting Edge Performance in Networking"


Dive into the realm of extraordinary engagement and immersive client interaction with a Virtual Experience Video that stars you. Imagine captivating your audience with a stunning virtual representation that boasts an astonishing 99% engagement rate. This isn’t just about delivering a message; it’s about making an unforgettable impact, ensuring you’re there to greet your clients with a personal touch, even when miles apart.

As soon as your GoCard springs to life, so do you, in an awe-inspiring virtual form, silently beckoning your audience with a compelling call to action. A simple tap is all it takes to unleash your story, drawing viewers into a captivating journey that showcases the unparalleled benefits of your services. And here’s the clincher: should life’s little distractions occur—be it a call, an email check, a quick social media glance, or sending a text—your virtual narrative gracefully pauses, ready to resume right where it left off the moment they return. This ensures your full message, regardless of length, is seamlessly conveyed.

Embrace this groundbreaking opportunity to elevate your digital presence, guaranteeing your message isn’t just seen but truly experienced. Welcome to the future of engagement—where your virtual self takes center stage, leaving a lasting impression that transcends the conventional, and propels your brand into the next dimension of communication excellence.


50 Minute Professional Video Session:
This session offers ample time for you to familiarize yourself with our state-of-the-art studio environment and fully connect with your script, ensuring you’re perfectly poised for a remarkable on-camera performance.

10 Minute Professional Photo Session:
Set against the pristine simplicity of our white screen backdrop, this professional photo session is designed to craft the perfect profile picture that resonates with your digital persona. And the best part? This exquisite image is yours to treasure and utilize across all your digital platforms, ensuring you shine wherever you’re represented.

4K Green Screen Video 2-5 Minutes:
This is not just a video; it’s a gateway to crafting immersive, captivating stories with the power of 4K clarity. Whether for engaging presentations, dynamic advertisements, or compelling narratives, this service promises to transform your visions into visually striking realities, ensuring you pop right off their screen!

Professional Lighting System:
Illuminate your greenscreen videos with brilliance: Our Professional Lighting System, featuring 4 soft fill white ring lights and 2 dynamic overhead fill lights, is meticulously engineered to banish shadows, ensuring your footage stands out flawlessly against any backdrop. This setup is your key to pristine background removal, allowing you to effortlessly transport your visuals to a static or dynamic video background that guarantees your videos shine with unmatched clarity and impact.

Professional Script:
Pre-Written by our Copyrighters and sent to you for review & edits prior to shoot: Crafted with expertise, our professional scriptwriters meticulously compose your script, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand’s voice and vision. Before the cameras roll, we¬ send it your way for your review and any desired refinements, ensuring every word resonates with your message and mission.

iPad Pro Teleprompter:
Find comfort in the knowledge that our cutting-edge iPad Pro Teleprompter seamlessly scrolls in sync with your reading pace, adapting effortlessly to your unique style of narration and delivery

Professional Wireless Studio Dual Lavalier Microphone System:
Discover unparalleled clarity, where your voice shines through in pristine, studio-grade quality. Our system guarantees that every word you speak is captured with crystal-clear precision, ensuring your message is not just heard, but felt, in high-definition sound.

Video Production & Editing:
Once your footage is captured, the magic truly begins. Our team dives into crafting your cinematic gem, employing advanced techniques like color grading and digital touch-ups. We meticulously sculpt your project, erasing imperfections, fine-tuning vocals, and infusing it with an auditory atmosphere through carefully selected background music. Greenscreen elements vanish, replaced by your chosen scenery, all while ensuring your video shines in stunning 4K resolution. This process isn’t just editing; it’s transforming your vision into a visual masterpiece.

Professional Licensed Background Music:
Elevate your virtual experience and magnify your message. Handpicked with precision by our sound experts, each track is designed to harmonize with your narrative, crafting the perfect ambiance. This subtle auditory backdrop enhances your video message’s delivery, ensuring it connects and resonates deeply, without overwhelming the senses.

Revolutionary Video Compression Technology:
Our cutting-edge video compression ensures your cinematic 4K creations are transformed into ultra-light files, guaranteeing instantaneous loading on our servers. This magic ensures your Virtual Experience springs to life within mere seconds on your GoCard, all while preserving the impeccable quality of your production’s video and audio. Dive into a world where 4K high-definition video meets unmatched high-speed connectivity, ensuring your masterpiece captivates from the first frame.

Production Costs & Monthly Video Hosting: 
Up to 2 Minute Production: $500 & $20/Month
Up to 3 Minute Production: $600 & $25/Month
Up to 4 Minute Production: $700 & $30/Month
Up to 5 Minute Production: $800 & $35/Month

Our Flexible Hosting Plans are designed to instantly deliver your Virtual Experience for less than $1/day! Why do we charge these hosting fees? That’s simple! Each Virtual Video Experience is designed to captivate and prompt action the second your GoCard or website loads. Your Virtual video pre-loads in the background and springs to life with a mere tap or click, thanks to GoCard’s unparalleled compression techniques and commitment to maintaining supreme video and audio quality, coupled with lightning-fast loading times—a hallmark of each GoCard experience. Our hosting server is equipped with the fastest processors and memory in the industry featuring lightning fast cutting-edge NVMU Solid-State Flash Drives. 


Elevate your message with our Digital Spokesperson Avatar Video, the ideal choice for individuals keen on avoiding the spotlight or working within a budget. This innovative approach harnesses the power of computer-generated AI to deliver impeccable results instantly, eliminating the need for time consuming edits or audio adjustments and thus, drastically shortening the production timeline. Plus, if crafting words isn’t your forte, our professional copywriter is ready to draft the script for you. Simply select your preferred avatar from our collection, choose a voiceover talent that resonates with your brand, and let our expert team bring your vision to life. It’s a streamlined, hassle-free process designed to transform your concepts into compelling digital narratives.

Production Costs & Monthly Video Hosting: 
Up to 2 Minute Production: $200 & $20/Month
Up to 3 Minute Production: $250 & $25/Month
Up to 4 Minute Production: $300 & $30/Month
Up to 5 Minute Production: $350 & $35/Month

AUDIO GREETING: $99 • Client Created | $199 • Professionally Recorded by us

Dive into the immersive world of personalized digital interactions with our Audio Greeting feature. For those who prefer the captivating power of voice to welcome every visitor to their GoCard, we offer a seamless solution. Record your greeting, share your message with us, and watch as our team meticulously refines and integrates it into your GoCard. A strategically placed play button transforms into an engaging call to action, inviting users to hear your voice, instantly adding a layer of warmth and personal connection to their experience. Need a hand crafting the perfect message? Our adept copywriter is at your service, ready to pen a script that resonates with your brand’s voice, awaiting your approval. And for aficionados of crystal-clear, studio-quality sound, our doors are open for you to record in our professional studio, ensuring your audio greeting hits all the right notes. Elevate your GoCard with a touch of audio magic, making every visitor’s encounter uniquely memorable.


Elevate your GoCard to mesmerizing heights and distinguish yourself from the competition with a captivating background video. Crafted to showcase the essence of you, your brand, and your services, each video is a visual symphony designed to capture the gaze and curiosity of your audience. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about creating an unforgettable, visually engaging experience that pulls viewers into your world, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with every visit.


Elevate your digital ambiance with the perfect background music, harmoniously tailored to match your brand’s essence. Transform every interaction on your GoCard into an immersive sensory journey, creating an atmosphere that’s not only engaging but also deeply resonant with your brand’s identity. Make each visit a memorable experience, where the melody underscores your brand’s vibe, turning simple visits into delightful encounters.

PHOTO GALLERY: $99 up to 40 Photos

Showcase your achievements, products, and significant milestones in a breathtakingly interactive display that beckons viewers to delve deep into the essence of your work. This visually enchanting portfolio doesn’t just showcase; it transforms each swipe into an engaging journey of discovery, celebrating your accomplishments with every flip and turn.  We can even create a CoverFlow Album, showcasing your photos in a manner that’s not only visually appealing but also deeply resonant, ensuring every piece of your story is felt and remembered.

BEFORE & AFTER PORTFOLIO: $99 per 20 Photos

Craft an immersive and interactive visual journey that captivates your audience by letting them glide their finger across the screen, unveiling the transformative magic of your services before and after. This dynamic feature not only invites action but also sets you apart from the competition, engaging viewers with the compelling story of transformation under your expert touch. It’s a testament to your impact, offering a vivid comparison that audiences adore, showcasing the remarkable difference your expertise makes.

AUDIO SHOWCASE PLAYLIST: $99 up to 10 Audio Files

Craft an immersive and interactive visual journey that captivates your audience by letting them glide their finger across the screen, unveiling the transformative magic of your services before and after. This dynamic feature not only invites action but also sets you apart from the competition, engaging viewers with the compelling story of transformation under your expert touch. It’s a testament to your impact, offering a vivid comparison that audiences adore, showcasing the remarkable difference your expertise makes.


Ignite action and captivate your audience! Expertly crafted Call-to-Action pop-ups, positioned with precision on your GoCard, effortlessly nudge visitors towards key actions—whether it’s booking a meeting, sealing a deal with a purchase, or subscribing to your insightful newsletter. These dynamic prompts are ingeniously designed to spring into action under customizable conditions: set them to appear after a specific time lapse, ensure a one-time reveal upon GoCard activation, or tailor them to trigger under conditions that perfectly align with your strategic engagement goals. Transform passive browsing into active engagement.


Elevate your initial touchpoints with a lead generation form that’s not just advanced; it’s transformative. This level of Lead-Gen Form serves as a dynamic gateway to deeper engagement, offering your prospects a suite of interaction options that pinpoint the essence of their interest in your business. Imagine having a crystal-clear insight into what each lead expects from you, their preferred mode of engagement, and their precise needs—all delivered directly to your inbox. This form acts as a bridge, eliminating the time-consuming process of establishing contact, seeking out critical details, and understanding the exact nature of their intentions. It’s as if you’ve gained the power to “read minds,” streamlining the path from initial contact to meaningful interaction. This tool doesn’t just capture information; it creates intent, setting the stage for tailored, impactful conversations right from the start.


We transform your ordinary email replies into a powerhouse of personal connection and efficiency, infusing each message with your unique essence and flair. This upgraded communication marvel does more than just respond—it forges a deeper connection:

  Intelligently organizes and dispatches comprehensive details and data about your interaction, ensuring both you and your recipient have all the information needed, right in your inboxes.

  Implements a strategic delay feature, giving the impression of a thoughtfully penned response, meticulously crafted just for them.

  Tailor-made for a variety of scenarios, from delivering select advertising services to insurance quotes and addressing home buyer/seller queries to specific service requests and application processes. The possibilities are boundless!

  Branded with your company’s logo, adding a professional and cohesive touch to every email.

  Customized to greet each recipient by name, making every email feel like a personal conversation from you to them.

  This isn’t just an automated email response—it’s your brand’s promise of attention to detail and personalized care, delivered straight to your contact’s inbox.


Your email signature should be as inviting as your GoCard.  Our customized email signature showcases all your vital contact info, social networks, website links, your professional headshot, and your GoCode that links directly to your GoCard.  This enables anyone viewing your e-signature on their desktop computer to pull out their phone and simply scan your GoCode and launch your GoCard instantly!


Effortlessly merge your GoCard with your chosen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, creating a seamless bridge between your networking efforts and your customer management system. This integration effortlessly imports contact information directly into your CRM, eliminating the need for redundant data entry and significantly enhancing your operational efficiency.


Scrollodex is your “Virtual Rolodex” serving as a gateway to effortless contact management, combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. All your captured leads are displayed in an elegantly simple, password-protected interface that’s directly accessible from your GoCard. Every connection is organized alphabetically, springing to life at the touch of your fingertips, with a search functionality that starts refining results the moment you type. But that’s not all – with custom-generated icons for immediate communication, you can call, send SMS, or email with the ease of one-handed phone operation. This proprietary interface is more than a tool; it’s your personal assistant, ensuring that managing, tracking, and reaching out to your network is as seamless as it is secure. With the Scrollodex Contact Dashboard, networking isn’t just streamlined; it’s transformed.


The moment you forge a new connection, our groundbreaking system springs into action, effortlessly creating a Virtual Contact File (VCF) for your new acquaintance and seamlessly integrating them into your phone’s contacts. This innovative feature transforms every phone number into a clearly identified contact, complete with first and last names, eliminating the days of puzzling over unknown numbers. Moreover, we’ve streamlined communication to an art form; with just a couple of taps, you can draft a response—courtesy of pre-loaded text or email templates nestled within their contact details. This is not just contact management; it’s a revolution in networking, ensuring every interaction is smooth, personal, and impressively efficient.


Your GoCard transforms into a powerhouse of client interaction and seamless connectivity, offering a streamlined platform to feature your comprehensive company or departmental team directory. Effortlessly organize and display each team member – whether alphabetically, by department, or title – creating an intuitive user experience. For teams where members are equipped with their own GoCards, a seamless transition from one GoCard to another amplifies the network effect, ensuring smooth intra-team and client navigation. At a single tap, reveal essential details for each team member, including mobile and office numbers, SMS, email, direct GoCard link, and an optional brief description, making every interaction a gateway to deeper professional connections.


Imagine transforming the art of the cold call into an enchanting digital encounter. With our innovative cold call campaign, your sales representatives have the power to initiate captivating connections with just a few key pieces of information: the prospective lead’s full name, company, and email address. The moment they hit ‘Submit,’ our system weaves its magic, dispatching a meticulously crafted welcome email on your behalf. This message not only introduces you and your company but also highlights the services you provide that could significantly enhance their operations. Plus, you’ll receive a copy of this email, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Envision one of your sales reps catching sight of a potential lead’s company truck at a stoplight. In mere moments, and with a few quick taps, they can send out a polished “e-troduction,” all before the light turns green. This is the power of seamless, efficient engagement at your fingertips, turning every opportunity into a potential connection.  Another traditional sales tactic, redefined!


Link your GoCard to your vibrant digital marketplace. Effortlessly meld your online store into the GoCard experience, enabling visitors to glide from discovering your offerings to securing their choices with ease. Through the power of APIs, we unlock the potential for seamless integrations with leading third-party applications such as Shopify, eGift cards, and more, crafting a shopping journey that’s not only intuitive but also delightfully engaging.


Our mantra, “If you can dream it, we can build it,” encapsulates our unwavering commitment to turning your dreams into reality. With more than 25 years of expertise in design and programming under our belt, our team is equipped to craft nearly anything you can imagine. Challenge us with your vision, and we will meticulously draft a proposal that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, breathing life into your imaginative concepts and transforming them into tangible solutions.


The quintessential tool for the forward-thinking professional who values their image as much as their connections. If you’ve ever found yourself resorting to a sticker and a Sharpie for your name tag, it’s time to reconsider the message you’re sending about your professionalism and dedication to your personal brand. This isn’t merely a name tag; it’s a sophisticated leap into the future, encapsulating your GoCard in a sleek, magnetic badge, ensuring you leave a lasting, impactful impression at every encounter.